On internet dating


We’ve turned the romance down a fraction.
Is there much anticipation? Hardly —
online love’s a bit of a transaction.

He asks me to dinner, I choose coffee.
His messages aren’t dim, I might like him.
Still, I’ll turn the romance down a fraction —

it’s quite likely that, in person, we’ll see
that our written rapport is far too slim.
Luckily online love’s a transaction

and I can later block him, or he me;
we’ll move on with a smile, and wit and vim,
redirecting the romance a fraction.

Since we each have to pay that monthly fee
like veg box subscriptions or the gym,
online love is basically a transaction.

Could this be real attraction? Surely that’s free.
Oh damn those six months I bought on a whim.
It’s time to turn the romance down a fraction,
for the sake of those future transactions.

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