So, here it is

Feeling a bit nostalgic today – throwback to just before the Caper Press launched. 

Not quite Christmas yet, but the Caper Press launch is now just four days away. I know it must be real because Alexandra, Drew and I had an actual meeting about it last week where we three looked each other in the eye(s) and and very solemnly repeated that it is all going to be fine. Which of course, it is. And you know, a bit of nervousness is a good thing, to quote Mr Carr, it shows we care.

And we do care. I spent yesterday carefully lino-printing logos onto canvas bags. This was a slightly labour intensive way of going about things its true. I don’t think it is very expensive to get them printed commercially, but, well, it felt like something I wanted to do. (Thanks need to be given to Lucy Carruthers for her company, expert critique and instruction-reading).

Most excitingly (here endeth the blog, we shall never know what was the most exciting thing)

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