Publish with us


Caper works with selected authors to publish their books in a way that maximises their royalties. We co-fund editing, design work and printing. We sell the books online and in local bookstores and promote them via social media and live events.

What we can do for you

The Caper Press offers our selected authors different options related to the readiness of the manuscript. From full support including a structural edit and full copy editing, to a much lighter touch final proof and tidy. Profit-share and of upfront costs are adjusted to reflect the amount of input required. After publication, we support the authors with distribution and marketing. And our contracts take into account that an author may be noticed by a mainstream publisher after being published by Caper and aim to make that as easy as possible.

Editorial services & manuscript consultancy 

For those authors who want to target traditional publishers from the outset, Caper can help prepare their manuscripts for submission via our editing service. Read a review of our services here.

Please contact us to find out more.

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